About Tony Ruscoe

Husband and father. Born and bred in the north of England. Now living in Market Harborough. Obsessed with the Back to the Future trilogy. Fan of Doctor Who. Lover of single malt whisky, craft beer and cider.

Senior UX Engineer and Frontend Tech Lead at Google. Enthusiastic about web development, frameworks, performance, maintenance, quality, security, accessibility, content management, user experience, information architecture, internationalization, localization and translation.

And previously…

2013-15 UX Engineer for the Interactive Video team at YouTube in Zurich, Switzerland. 2010-13 Webmaster, Information Architect and Tech Lead for Google. 2007-09 Technical Reviewer for O’Reilly books about Google Apps, JavaScript, CSS and creating websites. 2006-09 Co-editor and Blogger for Google Blogoscoped. 2000-09 Web Developer for SDL plc. 2002 Started my weblog. 2000 Graduated with a degree in Computer Science from The University of Sheffield. 1998 Developed my first website, best viewed with Netscape 3.0 or above with JavaScript enabled. 1997 Wrote programs in MATLAB, Java, Visual Basic, Prolog and Lisp. 1994 Introduced to Photoshop 2.5 on an Apple Macintosh. 1987 Wrote my first programs in Sinclair BASIC on a ZX Spectrum 48K.