Recent Changes

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2006-10-30 aarati:
 * Also fix 568918 and "unfix" 516359: Don't send cancellation when
   single event turns into recurring event
 * Fix 550682, 569584: get rid of sms phone number canonicalization
 * Fix 572363: fix NPE in event search dispatch

2006-10-27 aarati:
 * 548005: Log oops errors ONLY to short term logs.
 * Logs estimate: I count about 317 records/day/server.  I see on
   average about 1.4 clienterror-count entries/record so therefore 20 + 8 + 2 *
   8 (1.4) ~ 50.4 bytes/record.  Hence 15.9k bytes/day/server * 113
   servers ~ 1.8Mb/day extra to temp logs.  This is uncompressed.

2006-10-26 aarati:
 * Fix 558897: Make sure registerCalendar code runs when a new user is added
 * Fix 565906: Run Janitor during off peak hours

2006-10-26 aarati: 
 * Fix 514508: Add another dimension to event override subscription
   cache, by users.  This means we need both the calendar, subscriber
   and eid to search for subscriptions now.  Also keep the cache
   around for 15 seconds instead of 5.
 * Also go ahead and index subscriptions on calendar's gaiaid, not
   GaiaPrincipal, as well as subscriber id.  (smaller)
 * Also add method to Janitor to remove old or improper subscriptions
   (fixes 564116 and 503112)
 * Add a unittest to run as admin command to check that subscriptions
   work as expected.
 * And a nice stub subscription.
 * And methods on CssSubscription to get and set lastModified time

2006-10-23 aarati:
 * Fix 500509: Make sure we send EVENT_DELETES when an event's organizer
   changes from a public one to private one.

2006-10-17 aarati:
 * Fix 551536: ALL notifications (including SMS) should stop after a
   user disables their account.  We do this by filtering
   subscriptions: Recall that subscriptions are stored in two places;
   both the subscriber's store as well as in the calendar's.  We
   disallow subscriptions if the store itself is disabled, and we do not
   return subscribers on a subscription if their account is disabled.

   Since we are doing this at the CssSubscription level, this will fix
   both generic subscriptions as well as event overrides.

 * Also fix syntax error in

2006-10-16 aarati:
 * Fix 559450: Add location to daily agenda (both text and html)

2006-10-05 aarati:
 * Fix 548980: In addition to per user limits, have per phone number
   limits as well.  Same as before 20/day and 150/month except this is
   per phone number and is stored in bigtable.
 * Also some admin commands to get and set these values as necessary
 * Also some refactoring of code -- move stuff out of SMSInServer and
   GaiaPrincipal into a new idmap wrapper called "PhoneIdMap"

2006-10-05 aarati:
 * Add to battery of unittests to test notifications, on one shard.
   Some tests already fail, but I want to get these tests in first so
   that I can run it against my fixes in other clients.

2006-10-02 aarati:
 * Fix 547392: Czech republic mobile prefixes have expanded past "60".
   Let's not restrict to mobile prefixes as they seem to change too
 * Fix 547393: Country specialist says NZ numbers are of the form
   2xxxxxxx. So we add the case 8 digits in the phone number as
   well. (We keep 9 digits for backward compatibility).
 * Fix 547395: Lebanon: Looks like some people still have 7 digit phones
 * Fix 547394: UAE numbers seem to be of the form 971-50-xxxxxxx
 * Also clean up SMSUtil and stop using PhoneFilters.
2006-09-28 aarati:
 * Fix 549464: Remove Italian carriers from SMS options

2006-09-28 gafter:
* 549428: Conference room and resource auto-accept should honor the
  "transparent" event flag, which is not supposed to make the resource

2006-09-27 aarati: 
 * Set Karma limits for SMS 20/day and 150/month. These limits only
   apply for SMS notifications; verification codes are already throttled
   to be 5/number/day/account.

2006-09-21 aarati:
 * Fix 540416: create an audit trail around sharing actions.  Each
   time an acl is flushed, we store all the edits made, including the
   time, the actor making the change, the calendar in question, and
   then the principals and their new access levels.

2006-09-19 aarati:
 * Fix 542972: Allow tz to be properly set from gaia even if we
   migrate the users beforehand: We don't perform the one-time sync
   from gaia until the gaia timezone actually exists!  In the interim,
   we use the default timezone as the user's timezone.

2006-09-14 aarati:
 * Fix 541945: Update SMS to also include subject for SMS sent over
   SMTP.  The subject is just a truncation for using subject lines for
   emails: [NotificationType] Event_summary

2006-09-14 aarati:
 * Add separate flag change to separately turn on i18n sms ui, so that
   it only shows up if the flag enabled or we are from a safe ip

2006-09-13 aarati:
 * Fix up UI for SMS country change, both in java and js -- have it
   auto-update fields in JS when moving from email-based sms to
   non-email based and vice versa.
 * Also fix bug in UserPrefsRequestHandler where we were not taking
   the right value of country.

2006-09-12 aarati:
 * Fix SMSer to use the new version of MobileGateway that will
   auto-detect SMPP/SMTP carriers
 * Also go ahead and use a different verification message for SMS
   users in countries which don't have shortcodes yet (everywhere but

2006-09-12 aarati:
 * Set country setting that is inferred from timezone to an implicit value.

2006-9-12 aarati:
 * Fix 541061: Calendar property timezone needs to be converted to new
   set of tzs as well!

2006-09-11 aarati:
 * Make sure we always convert timezones from old to new ads set, even
   when reading from our version of Gaia's store.  Notice that the
   conversion process is idempotent on the new set of ads tzs so it
   won't break existing ids.
 * Also go around and make sure we return Etc/GMT instead of UTC or
   Zulu for good measure.

2006-09-07 aarati:
 * Fix 536714: When returning a set of subscriptions, remove those for
 * deleted (or otherwise broken) calendars

2006-09-06 aarati:
 * Add admin command to upload ical files into a calendar from disk.
   This involves refactoring ImportedCalendar a bit into static
   methods.  I also add functionality for it to return the number of
   events it changed on the calendar, but the current behavior will
   remain unchanged.

2006-09-05 aarati:
 * Fix 537489: SMS stuff was broken because we weren't using the sms
   country bit to seed the phone number/username canonicalization, but
   the locale, which is wrong.  Also some other errors with
   canonicalization server side.

2006-09-05 aarati:
 * Include user's current timezones in lists always!  This involves
   always passing the current chosen timezone around, and always being
   able to translate it in the given locale.

2006-09-01 aarati:
 * Fix 516359: Changing a normal event with invitee to recurring event
   (with Invitee) is not sending the Cancelled invitation and New
   invitation Email/SMS (If event is changed after few hours) -- the
   issue was the "distribute notifications to attendees" wasn't set on
   the event as this happened internally.

2006-09-01 aarati:
 * Fix 534904: Don't send up timezones that have not been translated yet.

2006-09-01 aarati:
 * We were sending up duplicate timezone strings for different tzids
   because we get the translation by looking up the closest
   DateTimeZone object for that tzid and then keying the translation
   off its tzid.  We solve this problem by canonicalizing our list of
   timezones ids to DateTimeZone ids, so that in our complete list of
   supported timezones, no two tzids have the same DateTimeZone
   object.  We do this for TimeZoneDB as well.
 * There's also a unittest to double check that no duplicates are in
   our full list.

2006-09-01 aarati:
 * Add a utility SwigUtil that centralizes the use of
   GoogleInit.initialize for all swigged code, so that it is only ever
   called once and doesn't make a stack trace.

2006-08-31 aarati:
 * Change timezone that is used in printout to use long (translated)
   format instead of short abbreviation ("Pacific Standard Time"
   instead of "PST")

2006-08-28 aarati:
 * Hardcoded version of CL 3036604 to fix 533428,532671,530689:
 * We take the list of carriers generated by on the new Tyntec list and add it
   here, while that list is being reviewed in detail.  It also
   includes some carriers missing in the original import (this
   is also fixed in 3036604)
 * Update SMSer to whitelist through SMTP carriers; all else are
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