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I'm pretty sure that this "Safeway" supermarket is the one on Bury Road, Breightmet.

These two shots show Max and Paddy driving down the A6053 from Farnworth to Little Lever. When their motorhome breaks down, it's at the bottom of the hill near the gypsy caravan site in Moses Gate.

When Mick Bustin (aka Noddy Holder) takes their motorhome to his garage, it's actually "Radcliffe Tyre Centre" on Radcliffe Moor Road, Radcliffe.

Surely, these flashback scenes could only be in Blackpool... I don't know anywhere else that has an old "Big Dipper" like that. Also, they wouldn't have to kit out all the extras in shellsuits as they'd already be wearing them!

When Max and Paddy return to get their motorhome from Mick, we can see several shots of the pub, which is actually "The Sparking Clog" (opposite Radcliffe Tyre Centre) on Radcliffe Moor Road, Radcliffe...

...and as they drive off, we can see "The Shabaaz" Indian restaurant on the left.