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Thanks to all the people below who have email me, I now know where most of these places are. However, if you know where the first place below is, please send your answers on a postcard... or email me at webmaster@ruscoe.net.

Update: 1 May 2005 - Mike Birtwell emailed me to say, "Asparagus sign - Farm on Sheephouse Lane Rivington-Belmont" and "Blue Lagoon on Rivington Road Belmont same scene."

Update: 3 April 2005 - Ian Robinson emailed me to say, "The farm used in episode 5 is up on the hill, east of the reservoir that Bolton Sailing Club use, at Belmont, Lancs."

Update: 1 May 2005 - Mike Birtwell says, "The farm where the boys find themselves lumbered with the "Dirty Pig" is above Belmont Reservoir off the A675 Belmont Rd, far side of reservoir on hill."

Update: 7 June 2005 - Ged emailed me to say that the farmhouse is between Rivington and Bolton.

Update: 28 May 2005 - Ian Calderwood says, "I thought you'd like to know that The Dutchie in Episode 5 of Max & Paddy is, in real life, the Whipping Stocks Inn, Over Peover, near Knutsford in Cheshire. They were there for days filming, but for only about two seconds recognisable results."

Update: 10 March 2005 - Brian emailed me to say that "Ginger O' Gargan's Cattle Market" (below) is in a place called Claughton, near Garstang!

Update: 23 April 2005 - I was also emailed by Larry who said, "Worth noting perhaps that Gargan is the maiden name of Peter's wife and I had always assumed the sign was faked because of that. To further fuel this I am 95% sure I saw Peter's father-in-law in that same episode as one of the farmers laughing."

Update: 2 April 2005 - Ian Robinson emailed me to say that the yellow pub (below) that Max and Paddy visit after going to the cattle market is "The Punchbowl Inn" on Church Street in Churchtown, Preston, also near Garstang. (He also emailed me a picture after visiting the pub - thanks Ian!)

After reading this article from the "Bolton Evening News" on PatrickMcGuinness.co.uk, I believe that "The Beadle's Arms" pub is the "The Farmer's Arms" on Manchester Road, Swinton.

Update: 11 April 2005 - However, Mac has emailed me to say, "I think the Farmers Arms in the pig episode is actually the Jolly Crofter in Horwich."