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I'm not well up on prisons, so I can't tell you where most of this episode was filmed.

Update: 24 January 2005 - JaS emailed me to say that he's pretty sure the prison in this episode is Preston Prison as they were seen filming round it!

However, when Brian Potter is on TV campaigning for Max and Paddy to be released from prison, he's in his wheelchair outside the original "Phoenix Club", as seen in the original Phoenix Nights series. This is actually "St Gregory's Social Club" on Church Street, Farnworth and the club's real members apparently have "The Real Phoenix Club" printed on their membership cards!

When Max and Paddy get released from prison, they can be seen leaving the "Magistrates Courts", which was actually filmed outside "Swinton Civic Centre" (formerly "Swinton Town Hall") on Chorley Road, Swinton.

The "Phoenix Club" can also be seen at the end of the episode when Max and Paddy get their revenge on Potter.