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Erm, I'm pretty sure that this is London...

Both my sister and I think that the interior of the function room where Wolfy's having his 40th birthday party is "Dobbies Sports & Social Club" on Bradley Fold Road, Bradley Fold, Bolton. (Which is actually not that far away from the garage and pub in Episode 2.)

When I saw this house, I instinctively knew that it was in Little Lever. I don't know why, but there's just something about those houses...

Update: 18 March 2005 - Noel Kearns emailed me to say that the house is on Bowness Road, Little Lever and he saw it being filmed.

In the first of these three shots, we can see Tina giving Max's son Daniel a kiss goodbye before he goes to get on the bus, which is stopped on Church Street, Little Lever, Bolton. In the second shot, you can see some more houses on Church Street and in the final shot, you can see that the bus stop was just opposite "Little Lever School". (I'd recognise those lovely "temporary" classrooms that were built on the school's car park anywhere...)

Update: 1 May 2005 - Mike Birtwell emailed me to say, "The road Max and Paddy drive the bus up after they nick it with the kids on board is going from Harwood to Ainsworth Hardy Mill Road, car sales can just be seen on right of shot."